Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just Stop While You Still Can

If you really aren’t stalking me then why are you reading my blog? I also am sure that you have already created another facebook account so that you can see my page since you are blocked from it. :p I honestly haven’t tried to look at your page or contact you in anyway, yet you keep contacting me like on here anonymously and on my facebook and commenting on my shit on my amazon and my goodreads, creating multiple accounts and using your teenage sister’s to continue to do so. If you aren’t obsessed and aren’t stalking me, you sure are watching me with a microscope. I have tried to cut ties and go my own way. It’s you that keeps clinging on. You hate that I have finished my book, have someone to edit it, have someone to make a book cover for it, have someone to help me make advertisements and a website. Where’s your book? Do you have a publisher for it since that’s so important to you? When you do then you really have something to say. Until then, keep on envying what I have done. I don’t care to get negative feedback and I’m sure that I will. There will be plenty of people to not like me and not like my work. I have thought about trying to get a publisher. I am fine on my own, but it may be a goal for me in the future. You wouldn’t know that though because I don’t talk to you. I can take criticism. I just can’t stand a bully who lies and says they bought my book when they didn’t. I can’t stand it when someone writes something snarky because they are lashing out angrily because I don’t want to be their friend anymore. I can’t stand it someone who is trying to hurt what I have worked so hard on because they envy me because they can’t put the same amount of time and effort into their own life and their own works and have no follow through and they have no real friends. I can’t stand it when someone forgets that I have dealt with being bullied and been a victim of passive agressive crazy ass behavior in the past from multiple people and I don’t stand down and I don’t give up and beat myself up because they are trying to tear me down. I would never do these things to someone else because it is petty and childish. Grow the fuck up. Get a life. Move the fuck on. Go write your own damn book. Unlike you, I won’t interfere with my biased opinions and nasty attitude based on our past conflicts. In fact, good luck with it. Just leave me the fuck alone. I don’t want you to be a part of my life. I don’t care about what you are doing, what you think or what you have to say. I am no longer a friend. I don’t give a damn. Just walk away while you still have some dignity left.

PS Pointing out the fact that I’m goth, that just proves my point. You are being personal and petty. Also, yeah, like making fun of goth people hasn’t happened before. That’s original.

PSS It doesn't make it more valid that you are quoting from my book to justify your review. You personally despise me because you were so caught up in me that my walking away hurt you deeply. You can't do an honest review, an objective review of something when you are this hurt by the person who wrote it. You can't so stop trying to prove that you can. You having a 4-5 year realtionship with me that ended terribly means that you are too involved personally to be objective. It's not going to prove your point. Again, you made multiple personas to dig back into my life. You can't do that then say that you have a valid, unbiased, objective opinion of anything I write. Also, you are not a horror fan. You know nothing about the genre. You were frightened by the Mothman saying that there was chapstick in Richard Gear's shoe. Stop acting like you are an expert on the subject. You like Twilight and The Sookie Stackhouse series. You know nothing about writing. What writing and literature classes have you taken? That's right. None. You are crazy, obsessed and stalking me. You can't stop posting about my book and about me. You are lashing out because of the hatred and spite you hold so closely to your heart. It's pathetic. Grow up, move on and live your own life.

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